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Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring

Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring

Vehicular slip rings & Gigabit Ethernet slip rings for Space ,Antenna, Vehicle applications. These advances in military technology, plus many others, have challenged the capabilities of the slip ring industry,demanding equally sophisticated solutions for reliable vehicle operation. Dimension flexible power and signal compatible Customization available

Product Details

Vehicular slip rings & Gigabit Ethernet slip rings


Space ,Antenna, Vehicle, CT machine requirements. These advances in military technology, plus many others, have challenged the capabilities of the slip ring industry, demanding equally sophisticated solutions for reliable vehicle operation. ByTune Electronics consistently meets these challenges successfully and economically. For 20 years we have been involved in the design, development, and production of quality slip rings for many diverse applications. Recognized as leaders in slip ring research and testing, our team of engineers, scientists, and manufacturing personnel have focused their total resources toward one goal􏱋providing you with the best possible product.
• Established a complete Research 􏱊 Development team, conducting numerous on-going studies in such areas as tribology,the science of friction, wear and high bandwidth communication, Gigabit Ethernet. Studied the effect of environmentally- induced contaminants on slip ring contacts and made substantial progress
in making slip rings more tolerant of hostile environments.
• Consolidated all of the functions of product  design, tool design, manufacturing, and product testing into a well-integrated in- • house operation certified to AS9100 Rev. B ISO 9001-2000.
• Combined field-proven slip ring designs with high-volume tooling techniques resulting in high quality hull-to-turret slip rings at attractive unit prices. Vehicular Slip Ring & Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring.jpg• Presented technical papers dealing with the field of electrical contacts and the applications of our technology to a diverse marketplace.
In view of our many years of applications experience 

and proven performance, it is easy to understand why our slip rings have been chosen to be used on numerous vehicular programs, including:
• APC  •M60A1&A2  • 8x8  • M728 CEV
• Centurion  • Commando V150  • Stryker  • LAV
• AAV  • Bionix  • HSTV  • M2 &M3 Bradley Leopard  • M48


Vehicular and turret slip ring Specifications
The following table presents a cross-section of our vehicular designs. These products are contact the factory concerning your requirements. Tooling charges may apply. 


Any wires of 2A,5A, 10A, 15A,20A or higher is compatible !

Vehicular Slip Ring & Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring.png

Features of Vehicular slip rings :
● Contact smooth
● Transfer power or data reliable
● Robust
● Water and dust proof
● Workable in hostile environment(-40°C~ +100°C)

Alternatives of Vehicular slip rings:
● Circuits
● Dimension
● Loading of each circuit
● Wire length
● Material of  contacting
● Housing  material or color

Advantages of slip ring manufacturer---ByTune:
● Affordable price
● Quality guaranteed
● Response within 24 hours
● Prompt delivery
● Reliable package & shipment
● Flexible & quick customization

Delivery time and shipment:
● 2 weeks ARO
● By UPS,DHL or FedEx (depends on your location) 3 days door to door service

Test instrument and manufacture capability:
Reliable test for Gigabit Ethernet

Recommend:" standard though hole slip ring"

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff for any question at !

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