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  • High Current Slip Ring With Compact Design

    Contact NowHigh Current Slip Ring With Compact DesignHigh current slip ring with compact design BTC045-8/BTC045-6 ,6/20A,2/7A, OD 45mm, Length 64mm, Metal pin connecting,Simple installation, Reliable contacting, Long life span, Affordable priceRead More2016-07-15

  • ID3mmOD18mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID3mmOD18mmThrough hole slip ringParameters:Mechanical :ID 3mm, OD 18mm, 2~8 circuits, 2A/380V or 240V ,Working speed 500rpm Operating temperature-40℃~ +100℃ Contact material:Precious metal IP Grade:IP 54Read More2015-09-16

  • ID4mmOD22mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID4mmOD22mmThrough hole slip ringParameters:Mechanical :ID 4mm, OD 22mm, 6~22 circuits, 2A per circuit, Working speed: 500rpm, Operating temperature-40℃ ~ +100℃, Contact material:Gold or silver, IP Grade:IP 54Read More2015-09-16

  • ID9mmOD32mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID9mmOD32mmThrough hole slip ringParameters:Mechanical :ID 9mm, OD 32mm, 6~20 circuits, 2A per circuit, 500rpm,-40℃~ +100℃, gold or silver contacting, IP GradeIP 54, 1000V insulation, <7mOhm noiseRead More2015-09-15

  • ID12mmOD35mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID12mmOD35mmThrough hole slip ringParameters: ID 12.7mm,OD35mm, 2~12 circuits, 2A , 500rpm, -40℃ ~ +100℃, Gold or Silver contacting, IP 54 1000V insulationRead More2015-09-16

  • ID12mmOD56mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID12mmOD56mmThrough hole slip ringMechanical :ID 12.7mm, OD 56mm, Working speed1000rpm,Operating temperature-40℃ ~ +100℃,Contact material: silver or gold,IP Grade:IP 54 Electrical:Circuit6 ,12,18,24Current 5A,10A ,15A,20A or higher current Voltage rating 240V or 380v 1000V insulation 7 mOhm electrical noiseRead More2015-09-16

  • ID25mmOD86mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID25mmOD86mmThrough hole slip ringParameters:Mechanical :ID 25.4mm, OD 86mm, Working speed1000rpm Operating temperature-40℃~ +100℃ Contact material: gold or silver ,IP GradeIP 54 Electrical:Circuit6 ,12,18,24 Current5A,10A ,15A,20A,or higher power , 1000V insulation, 7mOhm electrical noiseRead More2015-09-16

  • ID38mmOD99mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID38mmOD99mmThrough hole slip ringParameters:Mechanical :ID 38mm,OD 99mm,Working speed1000rpm, Operating temperature-40℃~ +100℃, Contact material: silver or gold, IP Grade:IP 54 Electrical:Circuit6,12,18,24Current5A,10A ,20A or higher current,Voltage : 240V or 380V, 1000V insulation , 7mOhm electrical noise.Read More2015-09-15

  • ID50mmOD120mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID50mmOD120mmThrough hole slip ringDrawingParameters:Mechanical :ID50mm, OD 120mm, Working speed1000rpm 2~48 circuits, Operating temperature-40℃~ +100℃ Contact material: silver or gold , IP GradeIP 54 , Electrical:Circuit :6,12,18,24, 36 ,48 Current 5A,10A ,15A,20A or higher power, 1000V insulation, 7mOhm electrical noise.Read More2015-09-15

  • ID60mmOD130mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID60mmOD130mmThrough hole slip ringMechanical :ID 60mm, OD 130mm, 2~48 circuits, Working speed,500rpm Operating temperature-40℃~ +100℃Contact material :Gold or silver,IP Grade:IP 54,Electrical:Circuit 6,12,18,24,36 ,48 Current5A,10A ,15A,20A or higher current Voltage: 240V,380V or 600V, Dielectric strength: 1000V, Electrical noise: 7mOhmRead More2015-09-15

  • ID70mmOD155mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID70mmOD155mmThrough hole slip ringMechanical :ID 70mm, OD 155mm, Working speed:500rpm,Operating temperature-40℃~ +100℃,Contact material: Silver or Gold, IP GradeIP 54Electrical:Circuit6,12,18,24,36, 48 ,Current5A,10A ,15A,20A or higher current, Voltage: 240V,380V,600V, Dielectric strength: 1000VRead More2015-09-15

  • ID80mmOD160mmThrough hole slip ring

    Contact NowID80mmOD160mmThrough hole slip ringParameters:Mechanical :ID 80mm, OD160mm, Working speed500rpm Operating temperature-40℃~ +100℃ Contact material: Silver or gold, IP Grade:IP 54 Electrical:Circuit 6,12,18,24,36,48 Current5A,10A ,15A,20A or higher current, Voltage: 240V,380V,600V, Dielectric strength: 1000V, Electrical noise:7mOhmRead More2015-09-15

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