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Pneumatic Slip Ring

  • Pneumatic,hydraulic-Electrical Hybrid Slip Rings/rotary Joints|electric Swivel Slip Ring

    Contact NowPneumatic,hydraulic-Electrical Hybrid Slip Rings/rotary Joints|electric Swivel Slip Ringpneumatic,hydraulic-Electrical hybrid slip rings is also called pneumatic,hydraulic rotary joint, is a pneumatic slip ring, electric slip ring, hydraulic slip ring, rotating gas joint assembly, not only can gas, liquid, hot oil, but also combined electrical and hydraulic Multiple signals and media. (Vacuum, compressed air and other gases), over liquid (hydraulic oil, coolant, water and other liquids), over the signal (Ethernet, Ethernet, and so on) USB, high-definition video, digital machine and a variety of control signals) device developed by the electrical hydraulic rotary joint product line. Can be used for a variety of needs to mix transmission of gas and electricity high-tech automation equipment, especially in some wet, sea and other harsh environments can choose this slip ring rotary joint.Read More

  • Advanced /reliable sealing Pneumatic Slip Rings hybrid with electrical  slip ring

    Contact NowAdvanced /reliable sealing Pneumatic Slip Rings hybrid with electrical slip ringAdvanced /reliable sealing Pneumatic Slip Rings hybrid with electrical slip ring A pneumatic slip ring is a mechanism used to transfer fluid (under pressure or vacuum) from a stationary inlet to a rotating outlet, preserving and isolating the fluid connection. Pneumatic slip rings are engineered to endure a wide range of temperatures and pressures for a variety of conditions and environments. In addition, rotary unions may integrate multiple passages and handle different types of fluid simultaneously. Media types : Typical for Gas ( Option: Water, Steam, Coolant, Glycol) Channel: 2 channels, more channels optional Passage Size: 1/8" , 3/8" Max Operating Pressure : 600psi Max Vacuum: 30HG Max Rotational Speed : 500rpmRead More

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