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What Is Slip Rings Alternative Names And Uses
Edit: ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd    Date: Oct 09, 2016

Some other names used for slip ring are collector ring, rotary electrical contact and electrical slip ring. Some people also use the term commutator; however, commutators are somewhat different and are specialized for use on DC motors and generators. While commutators are segmented, slip rings are continuous, and the terms are not interchangeable. Rotary transformers are often used instead of slip rings in high-speed or low-friction environments.

A slip ring can be used within a rotary union to function concurrently with the device, commonly referred to as a rotary joint. Slip rings do the same for electrical power and signal that rotary unions do for fluid media. They are often integrated into rotary unions to send power and data to and from rotating machinery in conjunction with the media that the rotary union provides. 

Mercury-wetted slip rings, noted for their low resistance and stable connection use a different principle which replaces the sliding brush contact with a pool of liquid metal molecularly bonded to the contacts[citation needed]. During rotation the liquid metal maintains the electrical connection between the stationary and rotating contacts. However, the use of mercury poses safety concerns, as it is a toxic substance. If a slip ring application involves food manufacturing or processing, pharmaceutical equipment, or any other use where contamination could be a serious threat, the choice should be precious metal contacts. Leakage of the mercury and the resultant contamination could be extremely serious. The slip ring device is also limited by temperature, as mercury solidifies at approximately -40 °C.

A pancake slip ring has the conductors arranged on a flat disc as concentric rings centered on the rotating shaft. This configuration has greater weight and volume for the same circuits, greater capacitance and crosstalk, greater brush wear and more readily collects wear debris on its vertical axis. However, a pancake offers reduced axial length for the number of circuits, and so may be appropriate in some applications.

Slip rings are made in various sizes; one device made for theatrical stage lighting had 100 conductors.The slip ring allows for unlimited rotations of the connected object, whereas a slack cable can only be twisted a few times before it will fail.

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