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Typical Application Of Fiber Optic Slip Ring
ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

The full name of the fiber is called optical fiber, the English name is OPTIC FIBER, also called OPTICAL FIBER, is a pure quartz with a special process into a filament, the fiber diameter is thinner than the hair. The characteristics of the fiber are: transmission speed, distance, content and more, and not subject to electromagnetic interference, not afraid of lightning shock, it is difficult to eavesdrop on the outside, no electricity, no equipment between the ground trouble Fiber Optic Slip Ring

Robot, radar, antenna, wind power, radar system, fire control system, vehicle system, photoelectric theodolite, helicopter, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle, satellite, spacecraft, submarine, unmanned submersible, oil platform, sonar detection equipment High speed video, digital, analog signal transmission and control, such as hydrophone, medical CT, industrial robot, high altitude balloon, packaging equipment, watching platform, video monitoring system, material conveying system, remote mechanical remote control, industrial sensor and so on.Fiber Optic Slip Ring

The cladding material is introduced into the surface of the component in powder or filament form, followed by a laser to selectively dissolve the material and the substrate to a very small depth to fuse the two materials. Compared to arc welding and thermal spraying methods, laser cladding has several advantages. Specifically, precise and limited use of heat can minimize the thermal deformation of a component at a minimum or even no thermal deformation, eliminating the need for reprocessing in subsequent processing. At the same time, the laser cladding also causes the deposition material and the matrix material to produce little mixing (dilution), between the cladding layer and the substrate to produce a truly solid metallurgical bonding.Fiber Optic Slip Ring

The special properties of these structures are highly dependent on the precise laser process parameters and the use of cladding materials, and they also observe the presence of cracks, pores and various columnar and ribbon grains. Each such structure affects the life and effectiveness of the cladding. For example, cladding cracks provide a hotbed for corrosion, and may even penetrate the cladding until the substrate.Fiber Optic Slip Ring

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