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Slip Ring Prospects In The Coming Years
Edit: ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 26, 2015

Productivity in science and technology to change the life-style today, the great changes in industrial production took place. Through these years , slip ring skills is now very mature, slip ring by the increasing in volume and quality steering prance , into a higher level. Detailed layout slip ring has undergone a lot of changes , but the fundamental layout is relatively stable , no very big changes. Then its future development prospects do, today ByTune Electronics come for you to do a detailed explanation.


With the continuous economic development and increasing demand for industrial machinery and equipment , people increasingly pay attention to the demand for machinery products, these factors have prompted the industrial machinery , innovative products are emerging. Slip ring provides reliable energy complex rotating equipment and signal transmission schemes , we can say  a sign of advanced intelligent rotating equipment , slip ring has become mechanical equipment indispensable component. High-performance, simplified system architecture is increasingly becoming the focus of industrial machinery and equipment , military , aviation and other mechanical and electrical equipment development , along with the rapid development of science and technology and intelligent technology deepening reform , slip ring technology to lead the development of more mature industries into more intelligent era.


Modern processing industry has a feature that is typical of intensive production , the production of power intent that is progress and progress in the production rate . Integration of resources increasingly important in today's society , more and more industrial manufacturers tend to buy multi- feature , simple operable industrial machinery and equipment . Production slip rings demand for environmental and strict processed , especially military slip ring , the quality requirements are very strict.

Slip ring is also called rotary electrical interface or electrical rotary joints , it can be used when the primary constraint non-successive rotation from fixed layout to other rotating layout and signal transmission. The fundamental layout of the primary data is a combination of sliding contacts, the outer frame, insulation materials , ball bearing , etc . Slip ring contacts combination of key skills and an insulating material holder fit and technical ,The more  channels , the higher the demand for technology , these slip rings can be called fine instrument of industrial parts . If the slip ring millisecond mis-processed , it will cause the entire parts not work , furthermore, it may takes potential risks to  customers in the future. Slip ring can be classified  to be BTH through hole  slip ring , BTC Capsule Slip ring , BTS separate slip ring , BTP disc /pancake slip ring , BTFO fiber optic slip rings , wind power slip ring , high-speed and high-frequency slip ring and many more.


Recently , as environment protection is accepted by more more countries, wind energy as a clean and renewable energy sources , it will catch  more  attention from the world. In this large opportunity premise , slip ring industry will appear the second high-speed exploding , wind power slip ring as a new energy industry will be essential for the fine instrument of industrial parts , prospects are very bright , the future 5--10 years in low-carbon energy advocate for and carry out ,  Slipring will be come more and more popular in industry and defense military !

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