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Slip Ring Applied In Aerospace Engineering Trends
ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2015

Slip ring as one of the basic components of the advanced aerospace technology, China Aerospace slip ring technology was able to fully control the risks and achieve "small investment and effectiveness", why is China Aerospace industrial slip ring technology to military, civil and commercial combined? this is determined by the characteristics of a market economy. From the point of view of market economy, social and market traction is space slip ring Technology Corporation to survive and a prerequisite for development; aerospace slip ring technology and systems and in promoting the development of space slip ring Technology Corporation is survival and development tools. Therefore, space slip ring Technology Corporation should make full use of their own advantages, developing military, civilian and commercial markets, this is consistent with the demands of a market economy environment, space slip ring Technology Corporation to the market mechanism, according to the real company run key.

A geostationary satellite can cover the surface of the Earth one-third, it can be to 19000 km apart two ground stations to provide direct communication. Equally spaced three geostationary satellites over the equator, you can basically achieve global communication.

Second, communication capacity. Satellite communications-band microwave wavelengths between 1 m to 1 mm, frequency of 300 MHz to 300,000 megahertz, available bandwidth is very wide, so communication road on a lot. Currently a communications satellite to tens of thousands of telephone line, plus some road TV can also transmit high resolution images and other data.

Third, the transmission quality is high, due to satellite communications the mountains cannot stop the sea few, rain or shine, day and night, unlike terrestrial microwave communications by weather conditions and the impact of factors such as distance. Stable and reliable information transmission.

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