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Safety Performance Of Fiber Optic Slip Ring
ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

The slip ring, also known as the rotating electrical interface, the electrical rotating joint, can be used to either require unrestricted continuous rotation from the fixed structure to the rotating structure of transmission power and data signals of the EC. There are driving elements, measuring elements and control elements on the rotating parts, which must be transported from the computer room to them for control signals and power supplies.Fiber Optic Slip Ring 

This requires a variety of sliding ring components to transmit signals and energy. Some radars need to rotate as many as hundreds of lines connected. According to the frequency of the transmission signal, the sliding ring component can be divided into: Low frequency slip ring, intermediate frequency slip ring and high frequency rotational hinge.Fiber Optic Slip Ring

The slip ring usually refers only to the first two. The electrical performance index of the sliding ring component is: Insulation resistance, contact resistance, dielectric strength and crosstalk. For if the slip ring, because the frequency is higher also to consider shielding, impedance matching, noise voltage and so on. In the structural design of the first to ensure that the contact is reliable, to ensure that all lines are continuously connected.Fiber Optic Slip Ring 

Therefore, the electrical brush used in the material conductive performance is good, the pressure of the sliding ring should be appropriate, slip-ring eccentricity and sway of small, good wear resistance, friction moment is small, easy to maintain.Fiber Optic Slip Ring

The differential slip ring consists of two sets of brushes and a differential switch. On the brush with the antenna azimuth rotation, under the brush fixed, differential switch on the upper and lower two groups of contacts, the corresponding contact piece by wire connection, using the differential mechanism to rotate the speed of 1/2 of the azimuth speed.Fiber Optic Slip Ring 

When the antenna rotates, the current flowing into each brush, after a differential turntable or two contact Chip circuit, from the corresponding brush outflow to ensure that the fixed part and the rotating part of the circuit is always connected. A slip-contact slip-ring-worn powder may cause a short circuit between the ring and the ring. Therefore, the structure should be guaranteed to be easy to clean, usually with a modular structure for onsite maintenance or replacement of components.Fiber Optic Slip Ring

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