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Introduction Of Pneumatic Slip Ring Media
ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

Slip ring has become a rotary joint, its characteristics are able to infinite rotation to send all kinds of media, slip ring has been able to rotate 360 °, mainly by the motor to provide power, the current domestic motor life of 360 hours (500 r / min), and with the international Advanced level 2000 hours (1150 r / min), the most important micro-motor resistance, brush, wear parts and other devices are not up to standard, in order to meet the international advanced industry needs, it is necessary to trial production of high-performance brushes and Slip ring material.Pneumatic Slip Ring

Which affect the life of the slip ring brush, concentricity, seals, brush function is mainly wear resistance, resistance, corrosion resistance, the general brush is the original material, including carbon brush, Copper brush, the subsequent development of silver, carbon silver alloy, etc., different brush current voltage is not the same size, if the material can not pass, will bring damage to the brush, while ensuring the flexibility and wear resistance of the brush , For this problem, Hindley company uses gold-plated brushes, gold internal use of precious metal materials, which effectively improve the brush elasticity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, low resistivity problems, some need liquid conduction, The use of mercury to do liquid conductive material, multi-brush wire structure, extended life, reliable contact point, followed by concentricity on the slip ring life also has a considerable impact.Pneumatic Slip Ring

First, if not concentric rotation, will be on the internal seal friction imbalance, the internal high-precision bearing pressure imbalance, when the pressure is too large, the bearings may crush, resulting in slip ring stuck, the seal force imbalance, The pressure in one direction, the friction on the opposite side of the seal will increase, so easy to wear the seal, and affect the concentricity of the following reasons, the first is the accuracy of the rotor processing are not allowed, and the second is the slip ring weight too Heavy, so now the general use of high-precision CNC lathe processing to ensure that the accuracy of 0.01mm, and slip ring is mainly dependent on the selected material, all with aluminum is certainly not work, because the rotor when working all the time, aluminum Material hardness too, easy to wear.Pneumatic Slip Ring

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