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Dynamic Characteristics Of Hydraulic Slip Ring
ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

To develop a high speed, high accuracy and good dynamic characteristics of the hydraulic power chuck, we must solve the following key problems: clamping force loss, hydraulic rotary cylinder of the distribution and cooling, clamping accuracy, detection and monitoring technology.Hydraulic Slip Ring 

Among the key problems in the distribution and cooling of the hydraulic rotary cylinder, the temperature rise of the distribution pair is the most important factor that restricts the rotational speed of the rotary hydraulic cylinder.Hydraulic Slip Ring

The flow pair gap is generally only dozens of microns, and the hot deformation of the flow element too large will lead to the adhesion wear and even the shaft biting. In solving this problem, you can consider the use of hydraulic slip ring for hydraulic rotary oil cylinder oil, pressure oil through the hydraulic slip ring from the hydraulic power chuck of the shell (fixed) into the rotary cylinder, so that the piston under the action of pressure oil to overcome the spring force and resistance movement, driving wedge-driven card claw loose start pieces. Return to the pressure oil unloading, by the spring reset effect, driving wedge-driven clamping claw radial clamping workpiece.Hydraulic Slip Ring

To solve the key technology of power Chuck, it is of great significance to develop products with independent intellectual property rights. The friction torque of face oil film seals has long been the most concerned problem, because it is the main influence factor of determining the friction power, wear quantity, friction calorific value and end surface temperature, it is also an important factor to determine the service life and seal quality of a sealing piece.Hydraulic Slip Ring 

The factors that affect the friction torque are very complex, which are closely related to the velocity of the seal end, the surface topography, the material properties and the viscosity of the media. In practice, the frictional torque can be measured by experimental methods.Hydraulic Slip Ring

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