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Large Machined Parts Of Aluminum / Stainless Steel In Flat, Round Or Housing Shape

Large Machined Parts Of Aluminum / Stainless Steel In Flat, Round Or Housing Shape

Machining parts : CNC machined parts, Turning, milling, grinding, prompt delivery, Military standard tolerance ,

Product Details

Yes, This is ByTune Electronics Co., Ltd A Professional and Experienced Supplier  ,experting at exporting business of precise metal & plastic parts,  casting parts, CNC precise machined parts.
        ByTune Electronics  is equipped with the machines of CNC ( 3,4 and 5 axis), Vertical Machine Tool Integrating Turning with Milling,Auto-Drilling machine, Precise milling machine, Numerical Control Punch Press, Grinding machine, and so on…...  With advanced machines, we could do all of the   processions in one-stop: CNC Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Punching, Bending ,Casting, Forging, Stamping ,ETC …

       Handle different kinds of materials 

Manufacturing and customing different parts with a limitless variety of materials to suit any industries including exotic materials,such as, Inconel and titanium; as well as many common materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, rubber, copper,brass and mild steel.

    We process parts from 2mm to 1200mm!

    Color anodizing and your logo laser available!

    Advanced & High Technology Equipments 

   More than 50 CNC turning & milling machines, most of them imported from America, Japan and German

 Some of Capabilities

Part SizeBar capacity up to 2 ¾" diameter
Up to 50" diameter
ToleranceAs military standard
MaterialsAluminumBrassBronzeCarbon SteelCopperPOM,PEFT,Stainless SteelAlloyOthers available
ProcessionCNC, turning, Milling,Grinding,Casting, Forging,Stamping,Anodizing...

MachineQuantityCapacity (diameter)Okuma Captain L3704 axis42 3/4" (70mm) bar,10" (500mm) blankOkuma LB152 axis51 5/8" (42mm) bar,10" (250mm) blankHitachi-Seiki HVP20J3 axis41 5/8" (42mm) bar,10" (250mm) blankDoosan S280N5 axis51 5/8" (42mm) bar,50" (1270mm) blankHardinge Super-Precision2 axis58" (204mm) blank
Typical ProductsConnectors,Cylinders,Ends,
Flanges,Housings,Precision shafts,Sheet,
Seals,Sleeve, Lids, Bases…


Professional & Safety Packaging

Prompt delivery 
 Shipment in 1 week ARO by DHL door to door service!

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