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Through-hole type concept of slip rings and industry applications

ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2015

Had hole type sliding ring, also called had hollow axis sliding ring, sliding ring of structure has many species, according to structure, using category, transmission media, are has different of classification, hollow axis sliding ring main from structure up divided of, this sliding ring of using range main is needs unlimited continuous turned of from fixed location to turned location transfer power or data signal of Central, it of process manufacturing and principle and other sliding ring almost, are is after brush beam and touch points contact, to will current, signal, data, from fixed location transmission to turned location. Basic technical parameters of hollow shaft seal rings are mainly outside diameter, inside diameter, length, number of rings, voltage, current, maximum speed, and so on. Slip ring hollow shaft technical parameters, length is variable, arbitrary customized outer diameter inner diameter, has some in the industry standard size, Analogy products is hollow axis sliding ring of diameter main has 12.7mm series, 25.4mm series, 38.1mm series,, range covers has from 12.7mm to 200m, od and diameter Zhijian has a proportion relationship analogy 12.7 of od half is 56mm, hollow axis sliding ring in the, ring number is a is important of parameter, is sliding ring price of must resolution sex elements, hollow axis series of ring number is from 1 road to 24 road ranging, different of loop number price difference is big, thus in manufacturing process in the, ring number more big, manufacturing process more complex, some time needs some specific of performance requests, may needs used more new of funding Material, which is why ring number roughly small-slip ring, where the elements at very expensive prices.

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