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The Application of compact Smaller Diameter Slip Ring

ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

  Smaller Diameter Electrical/conductive slip ring is mainly to realize the requirements shall not interfere with each other with precise electrical signal and transmission device of multi-circuits signal (or current )between two relative rotating mechanism.The components of conductive slip ring are made of conducting ring body, the brush components with the combination of the precision bearing bracket, flange (or the corresponding interface) and dust cover and so on. Since the rotating mechanism transmission of multichannel current or signal, respectively by the current of wire conductive ring brush or signal transmission channel to connect the brush or the signal processing unit of the electric control system, so as to realize two relative rotating mechanism between the multi-channel signal transmission precision at the same time.


  In order to make multiple signals (or current) in respectively through the current of wire conductive ring brush or signal transmission channel does not interfere with each other to achieve the purpose of the multiple signals at the same time to transfer high precision transmission, must make these composed of wire — conductive ring — brush current or signal channel between mutual insulation, shielding. For miniature conductive slip ring, in a small space to implement in multiple current or signal channel between mutual insulation, shielding is of great difficulty, therefore, between the conductive ring on multiple conductive ring to achieve reliable mutual insulation became its biggest key technology.


  As we all know that, smaller diameter slip ring almost could be capsule design, and the diameter could be in divided into 8.5mm, 12.5mm, 15.5mm ,22mm.,35mm and so on. It has the main feature of compact design to pass power and signal, low noise and resistance, smooth operation, maintenance free, gold to gold contact materials and longer life time. The application could be widely used in CCTV, medical machine, robotics, smaller wind turbine, rotating table, test machine, UAV, packing equipment,etc.


  ByTune located in Shenzhen, China produce high quality slip ring with different design and structure. If you are interested in more details about slip ring, try contact us, our technical engineer could provide quick and efficient support for you.

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