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Slip ring's important contribution in the wind power industry

ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2015

Successfully with the new vertical axis wind turbines, demand for small wind energy slip rings gradually increased, Crystal planet finance programme from delicate slip ring Cap slip ring to a multi-channel high current hollow shaft slip ring to fibre slip rings and opto-electronic hybrid slip rings, small wind systems slide ring all kinds of problems to be solved.

Sea is rich in wind power resources and broad flat areas, making offshore wind power technology becomes the focus of recent research and application. Over the next 30 years, development of offshore wind power in the country will be big waves. Due to the humidity at sea, so temperature range humidity range of slip rings and is a very important parameter, slip-ring from the selection of raw materials to the final design, to be able to ensure that wind energy slip rings with good resistance to low temperatures, high humidity, corrosion, shock resistance, anti-vibration, stable performance, no maintenance and so on.

The high cost of wind turbines, maintenance inconvenient wind energy slip rings service life is vital, and life of the Pei slip ring has reached the world level, almost with the products of the domestic industry 2-3 times more than life, therefore, Crystal planet finance slip ring has been in domestic industry leader, central position.

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