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High Speed Strander Use Slip Ring Big Diameter

ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2016

Basic Info.

Model NO.:BTH190314Certification:UL, ISO9001, CCC, ISO
Protection:Corrosion ResistanceInstallation:As per your request
Housing:CopperPackage:Blister Card Packing/Normal Polybag/Your Design
Origin:ShenZhen ChinaPlace of Origin:ShenZhen China
Material:Resin CopperMaterial Choice:Imported or National Material
Certificate:ISO9001, BV, SGSInner Diameter:190mm
Outer Diameter:314mmQuality Level:Military standard
Rings: <200Warranty:12 Month
Application:Crane, Rolling Machine, Amusement EquipmentHS Code:85452000
Production Capacity:100000pieces/Week

Product Description

Customize Data:

1.Through Bore: Diameter of Through Bore

2. Transmission Type ( Power, Signal or Data )
3.  Dimension: Outside Diameter and Length
4.  No. Of Circuits (Power & Signal)
5.  Rated Voltage/ Current
6.  Connecting Way
7.  Rotation Speed
8.  IP Class

ByTune Supply:

  1. Separate slip ring
  2. Through-Bore Slip Ring
  3. Capsule Slip Ring
  4. Wind Energy Slip Ring
  5. Integral Slip Ring
  6. FORJ Fiber Optic Rotating Joint
  7. SHFRJ High-frequency Slip Ring
  8. Pancake Slip Ring
  9. Mercury Slip Ring
10. Engineering Machinery Slip Ring
11. Wire/Cable Slip Ring
12. Agricultural Machinery Slip Ring
13. Plucker Slip Ring
14. Customized Slip Ring

Main application : 

Security, Factory Autonation, Electric Instrumentation, Medical, Aerospace, Civil and Military Fields. Such as: Crane, Giant Wheel, Cotton Picker, Medical Equipment, Strander, Webcam, Automatic Revolving Door, Amusement Equipment, Irrigation Machine.....

What is slip ring ?

The collector ring is also called conductive ring, ring, ring, ring bus. It can be used in any electrical and mechanical system that requires continuous rotation at the same time, and needs to transfer the power and signal from a fixed position to a rotating position. Slip ring can improve the performance of the system, simplify the structure of the system, avoid the lead caused by sprain during rotation.

Collector ring series of synchronous and asynchronous motor by using the electric motor in the ring, is widely used in industry, and most are operating in harsh conditions under the These motors although no DC motor as the reversing effect, but with the commutator as, set electric ring or brush of abnormal wear and vibration electric brush and spark and other ills. Special material brush from the point of view, collector ring brush not only the use of graphite brush, and in order to improve the electric current density, sometimes also the use of metal graphite brush, therefore, must also be taking into account factors such as residual abnormal expansion. Even for the high speed motor, such as turbine generator or motor running in the full closed gas medium and hydrogen media, the problem is also a lot of problems.
The material of the collector ring requires high mechanical strength and good conductor of electricity, but also has the corrosion resistance, in contact with the brush sliding, must have the wear resistance and stability of the sliding contact characteristics. In general, the wear resistance of the steel ring is good, and the mechanical strength is big, so it is mostly used for the synchronous motor which has a big difference in the wear difference of the collector ring due to the polarity.


In general, the wear resistance of the steel ring is good, and the mechanical strength is big, so it is mostly used for the synchronous motor which has a big difference in the wear difference of the collector ring due to the polarity. Steel can be processed into complex structures, it is a readily available and cheap materials, therefore, widely used in including low peripheral speed of turbine generator, synchronous motor. For the case of a turbine generator, the main emphasis is on the mechanical strength and wear resistance of the electric ring, and sometimes the use of forged steel. In addition, the requirements of corrosion resistance, the use of stainless steel, but the sliding properties of stainless steel is not stable, and brush combination is not suitable tend to make the brush beat, easy to cause the brush excessive temperature rise or abnormal wear, so when in use must be doubly pay attention to. Copper casting bronze set electric ring and steel collector ring compared, good sliding properties, so a wide range of uses, but when containing a large number of low melting point lead, because it is through electric heating and lead off phenomenon, easy to cause the collector ring wear brush or abnormal wear.
In the coordination of the electric brush and the electric brush, the brush is too strong and the material of the collecting ring is too soft. Especially the fully enclosed motor high temperature and low humidity, more likely to cause the brush or set wear rings. This is the form of the heavy elephant, the beginning of only a very small wound, the brush in these parts of the poor set of electric sparks. In the event of a spark, the wound becomes progressively worse, and finally forms the same size as the size of the brush sliding contact surface. Therefore, the electric brush can be noticed even if it produces a very small spark.
In order to prevent the occurrence of serious heavy like scars on the steel electric ring, the brush should be mentioned in the motor for a long time to stop. In order to improve the current distribution of the parallel electric brush, the power point of the sliding contact surface of the movable electric collecting ring can be moved. In order to obtain good sliding properties, a spiral in the collector ring slot is effective.
Packaging machinery electronic test equipment, medical equipment, rotary working table exhibition and display equipment manufacturing and processing control equipment robot technology military technology closed-circuit monitoring spherical Yuntai.

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