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Electrical Slip Ring in The Application Of Robotics

ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

c0fc6671e578e7c4114f74dff49b 拷贝.jpg        The rotating joint of robot has complicated structure and inconvenient installation, but we could adopt electrical slip ring to realize 360 degree with unlimited rotations freely in the robot, which through slip ring to transmit power and signal. The circuits for robotic slip ring can be up to 300 rings which could transfer Ethernet, USB, encoder, thermocouple signal and so on. At the same time, robot slip ring normally has the main feature of low working speed, maintenance free, longer life time,etc, that could solve the problem of stranded wire in the robot device.


  Typical Applications of robotic slip ring: Robotics arms, Pick and place, Sensors, Semiconductor wafer equipment, Powered prosthetics etc.


  According to different application environment, robot slip ring could be divided into two categories which namely industrial robot slip ring and special robot slip ring. The industrial robot slip ring is exactly to face robot in the industrial application, but special robot slip ring is used for the various advanced robotics in manufacturing and serves to human beings. Including service robot, underwater robot, entertainment robot, military robot, agricultural robots,etc.


  ByTune's motors and slip ring have the key high performance characteristics to meet the robot's requirements. For example, the BTH-series allow the robot's axis to accelerate rapidly, while maintaining low audible noise. ByTune's slip rings are used in robots when electrical power and data are transferred from its rotating parts to a stationery unit.


  We could customize special robotic slip ring for you as per your specific requirements. If you did not find suitable product to meet your demand, please feel free to contact with us, our sales engineer will keep in touch with you timely to solve all of your problems. 

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