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Conductor Slip Ring Assembly Used In Laboratory Equipment

ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

 Conductive slip ring is a electromechanical component that can has from fixed device transmit current, data signal to rotary device, it’s also called electrical slip ring, electrical brush, collecting ring or rotary joint. Especially apply to equipment of needing unrestricting, continuous or interpreting rotary operation. In the same time also needs some places which can transmit high-capacity data, signal from fixed position to rotary position. It can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation, avoiding the wire to cause damage in the rotary process.

      Structure of slip ring has many different types according to area, transmission medium and so on. It could be divided into four types according to structure dividing method.

  • Through-Bore slip ring

  • Capsule Slip ring

  • Pancake Slip Ring

  • Separate Slip Ring

In laboratories, there are always many various rotating test tables/index tables for performance testing, speed testing, lifetime testing or other purposes. Conductor slip ring assemblies are often required in these complex systems to fulfill the signal, data and power transfer mission from a stationary to a rotating platform. And these slip ring units are usually used with sensors, encoders, thermocouples, strain gages, cameras, gyroscopes and junction boxes.

For example a thirty-two pass conductor slip ring assembly which used for a rotating table, two separate 15 amp power circuits supply power for the table, two coax circuits used for video signals, twenty-eight circuits offer data, Ethernet and control signals. As the its special application, it requires a very small size and low electrical noise and start torque, so the inside wiring arrangement of slip ring in design stage is very important, and all rings and brushes must be machined very smoothly to ensure lowest friction and wearing.

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