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Harsh Environment Electric Slip Rings

Harsh Environment Electric Slip Rings

Our harsh environment electric slip rings are sealed to IP 65 and are temperature rated for operation in -40° to 80°C. Manufactured from stainless steel, these units provide the longest working life of any slip rings, exceeding 150 million revolutions in some applications.

Product Details

Product Details


Our Harsh Environment electric slip rings are designed to withstand the extreme conditions that are often encountered in outdoor and marine applications. From wind turbines and outdoor pan-tilt heads to marine cable reels and down hole inspection equipment, these harsh environment electric slip rings are durable and reliable enough for even the most demanding applications.

To withstand the harshest environments often seen in outdoor and marine applications such as a wind turbines, marine cable reels, down hole inspection equipment, ROVs, and outdoor pan tilt heads. Constructed from stainless steel, the 200 series electrical slip ring is sealed to IP 65 sealed slip rings and the temperature rating is -40 to +80℃.



Standard Specifications


Number of Rings



400 VAC

Rated Current

5 A/ring

High Pot

1000 VAC@60 Hz.

Insulation   Resistance

>1000MΩ/500   VDC

Operating Speed

0-400 rpm

Contact   Materials

Silver Alloy

Housing Material

Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

Temperature   Range

 -40 to +80 ℃







l  IP65 sealed construction slip rings

l  Stainless steel housing

l  Long Life & High Reliability

l  Extended operating range

l  Resistant to salt water environment

l  CE and RoHS Compliant


Typical Applications:

l  Cable Reels

l  Remotely Operated Vehicles

l  Shipboard Devices

l  Packaging Machinery

l  Food and Beverage Machinery

l  Down Hole applications

l  Robotics

l  Process Control Equipment


Proper Use and Mounting Instructions


1) The rotor should be driven with a flexible drive coupling to accommodate any differences in the assembly and slip ring’s axis of rotation. Rubber tubing, heat shrink tubing, or a flexible coupling can be used. For applications that run at 5 rpm or less, the rotor leads can be used as the flexible coupling.

2) The slip ring’s bearings are not designed to support external or radial loads. The rotating parts should be supported in such a way that axial and radial forces applied to the slip ring bearings are minimized.

3) The slip ring should be protected from dust and moisture. If installed in an outdoor application, the slip ring should be designed to operate in a weather-proof enclosure.

4) Secure the leads so that they do not contact any surface of the equipment as it rotates. While routing the wires, do not allow the leads to apply any side loading to the slip ring.






1). Why choose ByTune product?

We are ISO9001 certified company with strictly quality control system.

- Most of our test equipment are best advanced.

- Always prompt response.

- Long life product span.

- We offer competitive price with reliability


2). What signals could be transferred? Is Multi-signal capable?

It is very wide, such as USB, RS232, RS485, thermocouple, Ethernet, Servo, H1M1, video etc.

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