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Dual model four channel fiber optic rotary joint

Dual model four channel fiber optic rotary joint

Model Number: BTFO-04-01 Channel: 3~12 Single model or Multi-model Wavelength:850,1310,1550nm, Insertion Loss: 50dB Speed:100rpm Torque: <1.0Nm IP65

Product Details

Dual model four channel fiber optic rotary joint 
Model number: BTFO-04-02

Fiber Optic slip rings are to optical signals what electrical slip rings are to electrical signals, a means to pass signals across rotating interfaces, particularly when transmitting large amounts of data. Fiber optic slip rings  maintain the intrinsic advantages of fiber end to end. ByTune Electronics has been producing fiber optic slip rings for  20 years.

Description: 4-channel FORJ with mixed fibers (2 SM and 2 MM)
Fiber type: SMF28 and 50/125um GI with 3 mm jacket
Fiber length: 1m
Wavelength: 1310/1550nm SM; 1310/850nm MM
Connector type: ST
Insertion loss: <5 dB
IL Variation: +/-1dB
Crosstalk: <-50 dB
Speed: 200 rpm
Vibration: MIL-STD-167-1A
Mechanic Impact: MIL-STD-810G
IP Grade: IP 65(IP68Optional )

Features of Dual model four channel fiber optic rotary joint 
 •Provides rotary coupling for a multimode or single mode fiber link
 •Passive bidirectional device
 •Can be combined with our electrical slips and hydraulic
 •Alternative drive coupling and mounting arrangements are available (consult factory for specification details)
 •Customized interfaces, for easy fiber cable replacement
 •Can be integrated into existing slip ring designs
 •Aluminum or anodized aluminum housing
 •Rugged design
 Shock and vibration of Dual model four channel fiber optic rotary joint 
 •Bytune fiber optic slip rings support high shock and vibration environments, long life requirements of more than 200,000 hours and long data links over 100 km of fiber. Units are available that are tested to  military standard for shock and vibration
   Options of Dual model four channel fiber optic rotary joint 
 •Supply and installation of customer specific connectors and fibers
 • Customization of mounting configurations, housing materials and drive couplers
 • Fluid filling and pressure compensation for underwater use

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Measurement and Test:


                3D Test                                                    Concentricity Test


         Electric noise Test                                                 Projecto


           Interference test                                               Reliable contact Test


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