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ByTune Electronics Co., Ltd , since 1998, is a government supporting , Hi-Tech, private enterprise, with more than 200 employees , 80,000 Square feet factory and 6,500 square feet RD & sales office. ByTune is focused in developing, designing , manufacturing slip rings nearly 20 years, we supply wide range slip rings and provide 360° rotary solutions. Besides supplying standard through hole slip rings, capusle slip rings, separate slip rings, pan cake slip rings, hydraulic slip rings , pneumatic slip rings, coax rotary joints,fiber optic slip rings etc,We have an expertised engineering team of more than 50 persons , we provide full range of customized slip rings at prompt delivery . we customize slip rings as per customers request in different applications such as agriculture machine slip ring, crane slip ring, antenna slip rings, wind turbine slip rings, auto-wrap machine slip rings... ByTune is also equipped with many CNC machines and Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Punching, Bending machines etc , ByTune supplies quality machine parts as well.
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